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For any inquiries please reach out through my Discord (Rys#9748) or Twitter.

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Rysand's Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.
Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.

Please write in a neat matter and provide clear, colored references. Walls of text and description references will not be accepted.
(You are free to ask about your references if you are unsure.)

Any disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and your commission will be cancelled with a refund. If you fail to follow the rules provided, I have the right to decline your commission.

All payments will be made through Paypal, in USD.
All commissions must all be paid in full upfront.

Work In Progress screenshots will only be given if the commissioner asks for it.
WIPs may also be given if I, the artist, have question(s) about the commission.

The time for your commission to be completed can be, roughly, between 2 weeks to 2 months depending on many factors, i.e., illness, commission workload, complexity, academics, work, family, and/or other personal related issues.

If any of the things stated above occurs, you will be notified ASAP.

I will do everything in my ability to make my customers satisfied.
After a commission is finished, only small changes are allowed to be made, i.e., coloring mistakes or missed details in references.

Large changes will come with an additional charge, i.e., outfit change, outfit addition or subtraction, background change, or anything that requires heavy redrawing.

If your reference(s) was unclear to start with, you will need to provide any clarifications before the commission is complete. Afterwards, a fee will be required for changes. Please be clear when ordering to receive what will be expected.

I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing, not the commissioner.

Therefore, I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:
• Promote myself with it in any place or site.
• Publish books with it.
• To display/post it anywhere to my liking.

The commissioner is allowed to:
• Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.
• Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the drawing itself.
• Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.

If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.

The following is considered Copyright infringement:
• Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially. (Making money in any way with the artwork.)
• Taking credit for the creation of the artwork.
• Altering the artwork without my, the artist´s, consent.

• A Purchase of Commercial rights to the artwork will always be 300% of original price.
• With commercial rights you are allowed to make any sort of merchandise with the artwork, use it in books, covers, as props, change it to your liking, and promote your own brand with.
• Credit is still required for usage of the artwork, even if altered or edited.

Private commissions will always come with a 50% fee.

• I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.
• You have no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after the artwork has been completed and delivered.
• The commissioner may request for a cancellation if I have yet to start on your commission or the money has not been sent yet.

If you file a chargeback against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted, and I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers.
You will forbidden to commission me, rysand, moving forward.

I have every right to file a complaint, and I have the right to the money you had paid me.

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.

Commission Information

Half-Body17 USD
Knee-Up20 USD
Full-Body22 USD

• Complex designs, backgrounds, add-ons (plushies, weapons, items, etc) will have additional charges.
• Prices and terms of services are subject to change.

100% and 300% sizes will be provided in the commission delivery.


Ordering Process:
Place Order → Order Confirmation and Price → Payment → Await Order (~2 weeks to 2 months) → Receive Order

Please fill out this form and send it through my Discord (Rys#9748) or Twitter.

Character Name:
Commission Type: (half-body, knee-up, full-body)
Reference(s): (full-body, colored, clear details)
You have read and agree to my Terms of Service: (yes/no)
Paypal Email: